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Here is a story that I came across.  Something that I can relate to, except my wife and I are both American but nevertheless we are raising our children in Brazil.  Enjoy

Raising American Children in Brazil
  By David Persons
February 15, 2011

Back in the USA my wife (Brazilian) and I never really gave much thought to raising our family in Brazil, since we were well established there, but late 2006 as we felt the crisis coming we started to discuss the possibilities of international relocation. Since the US economy was heading towards a collapse and by mid 2007 we had made the final decision to relocate to Brazil after carefully considering the alternatives...

By relocating we would be able to maintain a similar quality of life and continue private schooling for our children, which was and has always been our priority from the beginning. We then made the "Move" internationally, we loaded up our house into a container and shipped it out. In 45 days our home would arrive so we had


A Família de Obama vai chego aqui no Brasil neste fim de semana.  (transl. The Obama Family just arrived in Brazil this weekend.)

“ My mother is gone now, but she would’ve never imagined that her son’s first trip to Brazil would be as President of the United States,” Obama said. “And I never imagined that this country would be even more stunning than it was in the movie.”

President Obama is greatly admired in Brazil and has helped greatly with the image and status of the U.S. after some rough diplomatic years with former President Bush.

Obama: Brazil's democracy an example to Arab world

RIO DE JANEIRO – As U.S. warplanes pounded faraway Libya, President Barack Obama praised Brazil's transition from dictatorship to democracy as a model for the Arab world where decades of stability enforced by strongmen are giving way to an uncertain but potentially brighter future.


women of brazil
I recently received an email from a brother interested in moving to Salvador, Bahia, Brasil part-time.  He asked some questions that I'm sure somebody else out there has as well.  This article covers a lot.  Dosen't matter what you are looking for in Brazil, booty, real estate deals, prices for rent, or if you are trying to find out how the women are down here.

Read on we may have answered some questions for you...

  • Sent: Sat, March 19, 2011 6:09:14 PM
Subject: hello, bahia
 Hello, this might be a few stupid questions, but I wanted to know if women in salvador bahia are open to dateing dark skinned african american? Ive heard of latin american racism towards blacks, so I wanted to ask the question. Also I have an intenet business thats doing pretty good and im thinking of moving to salvador bahia six months out of the year. How is life in slavador? Is it expensive? thanks



chillin in pituacu salvador bahia

Pituaçu Park brings together in one space the exuberance of coastal rainforest vegetation and the wonder of works of art by renown Bahian artists.

pituacu in salvador bahia brasil

Pituaçu Park  is situated across from Pituaçu beach (as can be seen in the photo above).  It is next to the Atlantic Ocean and contains a 1,000-acre-plus reserve of Atlantic rainforest.

Click read more to see more pictures and video footage

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