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Brazil World Cup Countdown

Well the World Cup is officially less than two weeks away.

I meant to put this post out a few months ago but I forgot to hit publish, lol

With the start of the World Cup a few months away (starts June 12th), FIFA says it will not pay some of Brazil's World Cup bills even though it admits the local organizers' failure to fulfill their commitments may jeopardize the tournament's success.

The protests are still going on.

Military presence is pretty heavy.

 Clock is ticking.

Brazil is going to do it their way.

Stop worrying about it.  Everything is going to be alright.

World Cup Time | Official Song Feat Pitbull J Lo and Claudia Leitte | We Are One


 The World Cup is Here!
Check out the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup song

Claudia Leitte looks great!  I'm glad they got an artist from Salvador da Bahia.  I know she was born in Rio but Bahia is where she came up and developed her style of music.

I'm not even going to mention the alleged "backlash" from World Cup fans over the video which was shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (a great city, I used to live there).  It might has well have been shot in Brazil.  You know why?  Because South Florida is Brazil.  South Florida is a combination of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean with a little dash of the US thrown in.

I used to hear people on the street speaking Brazilian Portuguese all the time.  So back to the World Cup.  It looks like Brazil is ready to shine despite all of the protests and other hold ups.

I'm glad for Brazil.  This is a great opportunity to show its dynamic culture and take control of the perception of the country on a global scale.  The eyes of a billion people will be on this wonderful country this summer.

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