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Get It Together Brazil | World Cup Protests

Brazil appears to have hit a hiccup on the way to the World Cup taking place next year.  In all honesty the government and big investors should have seen this coming.

brazil protests world cup

They have been lucky all of these years to have a (for the most part) population pacified enough to put up with the over-the-top corruption and blatant misuse of public funds.  Now it appears that the relatively quick completion of shiny new multi million dollar soccer stadiums across the country has provided a collective focus for the frustrations of many.

Citizens in this country are accustomed to third-rate construction jobs that tend to go over schedule and budget however the sudden appearance of first-rate quality stadiums all over the country present a contrast that is difficult to ignore.  In Salvador da Bahia the metro rail system is still twenty years in the making.  The Metro has become a running joke for most Soteropolitanos (term referring to the inhabitants of Salvador, Bahia).  It has taken so long to complete that the situation is ridiculous.

It is completely understandable why people would be upset given the conditions of the school system, hospitals, amongst other things.  The corruption is nothing new.  Brazilians did not just find out about it and start to get upset.  Most people just complain about the condition of the country but feel powerless to do anything about it.

Maybe things will finally change.  That remains to be seen.

If they want to really push these issues to the forefront they are going to have to do something about the looting and other issues that are spiraling out of control.  The protest is going to have to be organized and focused on a collective goal.  Otherwise the government will wind up lowering the cost of public transportation for one year and build a few new schools and that will be it.

Here is a video that went viral where a Brazilian girl shares her take on the matter (in English):

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