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Thanks to Doug over at Brazil Beach Living for sharing this article with me.

An absolutely stunning Saturday here, still a bit more breezy than normal but an azure blue sky prevails and the crispy clean air is alive with the sentiments of summer approaching.  NE Brazil has the cleanest air on the planet according to NASA.  In JP you still need to stay near the beach to avoid pollution but it is still tiny compared to all the other NEast Capitals. 

As much as I adored living in Laguna Beach south of Los Angeles, CA the brown haze out over the ocean took it's toll on the benefits. 

International Living just sent out this Pathfinder article on JP. We already know why this area is special so this is kind of a warning as much as anything else! This is the last bastion, the last still relatively "undiscovered" sweet spot in Tropical Beach Brazil living. 

We couldn't hide for long.

Onward and magic, 

Douglas and fam

Who Wouldn't Want to Live Here?
Saturday, September 17, 2011
Dear Reader,
ne brazil

Looks nice, doesn't it? If you're picturing yourself spending time here ...relaxing on the sand, soaking up some rays, enjoying're not alone. This Brazilian city is a retirement and relocation hotspot. And there's a way for you to profit from its popularity.

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