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Amazing Fruits of Brazil
Article by Sharif Ali 
mulher jaca women of brazil
Mulher Jaca

Brazil loves and appreciates its amazing variety of tropical fruits.  They love it so much that they name many of the beautiful women of brazil here after them, lol!  Check this out and you will see why Brazil girls are named after the tropical fruits.
mulher melancia
Mulher Melancia
mulher morango women of brazil
Bahia's Own Mulher Morango

This list isn’t extensive…if I tried to name everything the list would go on for days.  Seriously there is more variety found here than anywhere else on the planet.  Some enterprising people have picked up on this and started marketing some of the wonder fruits found here to the world, kinda like Tahitian Noni.

brazil girls mulher melao
Mulher Melao
People here in Bahia use natural remedies as often as possible versus prescription drugs.  Perhaps I could do a list on herbs and leaves found here and their healing properties.  I will have to research that one as the list will be extensive!  Anyone interested in that info please send a paypal donation to me at

Without further ado, here is the fruit list!

Abacaxí  (Pineapple)
Brazilian pineapples are the best I’ve ever had.  They are so sweet and juicy its ridiculous!  They are sweet even when green but even better ripe (bright orangish-yellow in color).  Beware though, do not eat the fruit near the stalk or bottom.  Doing so will lead to severe vomiting, and diarrhea and an overall painful feeling that will leave you wanting to die! I am not joking! Believe me we found this out the hard way.

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