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Thanks to Doug over at Brazil Beach Living for sharing this article with me.

An absolutely stunning Saturday here, still a bit more breezy than normal but an azure blue sky prevails and the crispy clean air is alive with the sentiments of summer approaching.  NE Brazil has the cleanest air on the planet according to NASA.  In JP you still need to stay near the beach to avoid pollution but it is still tiny compared to all the other NEast Capitals. 

As much as I adored living in Laguna Beach south of Los Angeles, CA the brown haze out over the ocean took it's toll on the benefits. 

International Living just sent out this Pathfinder article on JP. We already know why this area is special so this is kind of a warning as much as anything else! This is the last bastion, the last still relatively "undiscovered" sweet spot in Tropical Beach Brazil living. 

We couldn't hide for long.

Onward and magic, 

Douglas and fam

Who Wouldn't Want to Live Here?
Saturday, September 17, 2011
Dear Reader,
ne brazil

Looks nice, doesn't it? If you're picturing yourself spending time here ...relaxing on the sand, soaking up some rays, enjoying're not alone. This Brazilian city is a retirement and relocation hotspot. And there's a way for you to profit from its popularity.
The city is Joao Pessoa. It's a beach city that acts like a small beach town. Don't get me wrong. It's got big-city conveniences. You can find good medical care. You won't run short of shopping or dining options. But it's got a safe, friendly, small-town atmosphere that's hard to resist. It lacks the crazy bustle...the dirt and the noise...of many other cities I've spent time in.
Instead, it feels fresh, thanks to some great sea breezes. It feels active and healthy, thanks to a beachside boardwalk that fills with joggers, walkers and roller bladers in the mornings and evenings. It feels tranquil. The quality of life is good here. And the beaches around the city are simply stunning.

The beaches around Joao Pessoa are some of the prettiest in Brazil
And that's why it attracts so many younger retirees from across Brazil. They're generally wealthy, retiring in their fifties from the civil service or professional life. It's not uncommon to have a former judge or surgeon as your next-door neighbor in Joao Pessoa. These retirees choose Joao Pessoa over their own home towns. They want a peaceful, low-key lifestyle, in safe surroundings, close to beautiful beaches. They get that in Joao Pessoa. But these retirees aren't downsizing...
They want an enjoyable, relaxed lifestyle. That means nice restaurants and cafes...and nice homes. They buy large condos with large price tags of up to $3 million. And they want services, too, to keep them (and their finances) in shape. They need cardiologists and and financial planners...
And those professionals need office space to run their business and meet their clients. Office space is already scarce in Joao Pessoa. And it's non-existent in the area that many of these wealthy retirees live in, an exclusive neighborhood called Altiplano. But a new development will change all that.

The Altiplano neighborhood also has a cultural center and a new conference center is under construction
Doug Notes:
They are promoting a new office and residential tower in the Altiplano area. If you like premium property at the high end price range it could be of interest. 
I had hoped they wouldn't discover JP I have mentioned before. They have, so may as well just let people know to act sooner than later.
The convention Center mentioned is several kilometers south of this point and is showing some progress these days. 



  1. I would want to live there. The yachts look amazing too. I work from home selling import export goods online, so maybe in a few months to a year I can probably go there to visit.

  2. Peace, This is a great place to live or have a second home!
    Check out my other website:

    We can help you plan your trip as well.

  3. I am a businessman selling high quality goods, I wonder if these boats having their videos on YouTube? Thanks.

  4. Peace, lots of wealthy Brazilians are buying boats and other high end goods. The economy is booming.


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