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Talk to someone who has experience with Ayahuasca and you will understand very quickly that although the ingredients of the tea are pretty easy to explain, making an effort to describe anything beyond that borders on impossible. Brian Wilson (Urban Shaman aka “Wannabe Woodsman”), an American living in Brazil and your guide for the tea ceremony should you partake, does a great job of articulating this powerful medicine.

1st a Little Info on Ayahuasca
Ayahuasca, in its physical form, is a healing plant mixture boiled, strained, and drank in sacred ceremony by shamans in the Amazon rainforest for thousands, possibly tens of thousands of years. There is tons of research available explaining the long-term benefits of working with the brew, including a permanent increase in seratonin levels (leading to more happy, fulfilling lives), release of various physical ailments (some considered incurable in Western medicine), and release of psychological and mental-related illnesses (such as schizophrenia). Spiritually, this plant is in its own Universe, beyond comprehension levels of most and limited by mere language.

The only thing that separates us from the Spirit World is our bodies. Medicinal plants such as the ones in the tea brew called Ayahuasca contain the spirit molecule, Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT as it is more popularly known. DMT can produce powerful experiences including intense visuals, euphoria, even true hallucinations (perceived extensions of reality). DMT is generally not active orally unless it is combined with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Without a MAOI, the body quickly metabolizes DMT. How did the Shamans of the rainforest know this?  They must have wisdom far beyond the understanding of modern civilizations.  For more info on Ayahuasca, DMT and plant intelligence google Terrence Mckenna.

Ayahuasca is created by an alchemical process of blending several leaves and vines in a brew. One of its medicinal properties is the release of toxins and low vibratory inhibitors from the body.  This process is referred to as la purga, the purge. Once this process is finished Ayahuasca enables the initiate to go within their own mind.  This allows you to become a psychonaut, which is basically a sailor of the mind/soul.

Journey Into the Unknown: the Tea Ceremony

Should you choose to partake in the tea ceremony, imagine that you are boarding an airplane (or a spaceship, lol).  Yeah, imagine that you are boarding the Star Trek Enterprise.  You want an experienced psychonaut leading your crew.

Your captain on this journey will be Brian O'Keefe Wilson. (Capt Kirk is too old)

About the Urban Shaman aka “Wannabe Woodsman”

Born Brian O´Keefe Wilson as the 7th of 9 children in Jackson, MS, the Urban Shaman has always been on a quest for that magical cup of libation to adequately quench the thirst of real truth and meaning. Being raised in a strong religious household of rigid tradition, this quest has led him to many travels and destinations which culiminated in his discovery of Salvador, Brasil in 2001.

The rich cultural and historical grounds of Brasil provided yet again another educational experience which further enhanced his persistent and aggressive journey toward bliss, peace, and deeper truth. The climax of his journey has been the rich and amazing shamanic ritual in Ayahuasca. His research, practice, curiosity, study, and persistent participation has made him quite a knowledgeable and capable guide and information source. He is fascinated with learning complex information and delicately making it simplistic. Quantum physics, binaural auditory sound, Neurolinguistic Programming, harmonic sound frequencies, hip hop, jazz, and Prince are some of the elements you may find while working with him.

The Urban Shaman is a mystic by nature, yet a child at heart. He is a baby and tree hugger who feels that nature ultimately holds most of the solutions we seek. Sessions with him, though highly charged with deep spiritual elements and cosmic overtones, do not lack in laughter, simplicity, and joy. His brand of connecting with people is quite imaginative, playful, and insightful. As a guide into your Ayahuasca experience you can be assured that your guide knows inwardly that all the answers and challenges you seek ultimately lie within you and is evidented by some of his quotes : “ less is often so much more”, “don´t put sugar on a turd and call it a brownie, unless you really like sweet shit”, and “lust and love are really good friends” are just a few.

The Urban Shaman is a chef, gardener, therapist, clown, mad-scientist teacher, and friend who would be honored for you to meet and befriend more intimately. Your time and journey in Brasil will assuredly be enhanced by his presence.

The Urban Shaman
To all the travelers this will be an experience you will never forget!

Check Out The Urban Shaman's Great Website:

For many the Ayahuasca experience entails a demanding, lengthy and costly trip to the Amazonian regions of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Colombia. Few realise that it is simply not necessary to go so far, pay so much, and endure such intense climates (not to mention the mosquitos) to have an equally profound and enlightening Ayahuasca Experience.

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  1. ayahuasca is an amazing plant that is very popular in South America. It is used to cure variety of diseases. The process is by purging negative energy to a person and to bring love and wisdom.


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