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Like Public Enemy said, "Don't believe the hype!"

Brazil is going to be ready.  I put the "independent" study down anyway so you can see what the business world is saying.  There is an interview with Lula that came on the show 60 Minutes (click here to view) where he is asked about the doubts that Brazil can handle the World Cup and the Olympics.  He just laughed them off and said basically Brazil is going to put on the best show ever and the country is going to get it done their way on their own terms.  To paraphrase him, he said Europeans and Americans think they know everything.

Thats why I quoted Public Enemy.  Brazil will be ready and symbolically rise up to the worldwide stage.  She will put her best foot forward and shine.
Read on...

Brazil fans take in World Cup action (Image: Wikimedia)
Brazil is expecting up to 1 million visitors during the World Cup
A new study suggests that Brazil’s airport upgrades are unlikely to be completed in time for the 2014 World Cup.
According to Brazil’s Economic Research Institute, renovations in 10 of the 13 airports slated to be used for the month-long tournament will not be completed in time unless major changes are made by Brazil’s airport authority.
The South American nation is expecting between 800,000 and one million visitors during the tournament with many airports already operating above capacity.  
The country will also play host to the 2016 Summer Olympics. President Dilma Rousseff has gone on record saying that her government will intervene to make sure the airports are ready.
 Source: Businessweek

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  1. I hope Brazil's airport authorities will be able to do something about thhis and complete the upgrades as needed. This is their chance to make a warm welcome to all travelers for the World Cup and also boost it's tourism for the long term.


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