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salvador bahiaBrazil is a very alluring, sexy place.  The people, land, and the culture are all very enticing and sensuous.  I mean for example where else can you hop on a boat and be at an exotic, tropical island in about 30 minutes?  My wife and I for example can have the whole beach to ourselves where we get to feel like we are the only people in the world.

brazilian women at beachI'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge this simple fact.  The first thoughts that come to mind when people around the world think of Brazil are exotic and sexy.  Maybe you can throw soccer in there too, lol.

There is an industry built off of international visitors, mainly from Europe, North America, and Australia, who come here for sex.  They come from other places too but those are the main areas.

black in brazil
I am not knocking this activity or promoting it.  I just thought I'd
share an email with my readers by an American guy who I assume saw some of my YouTube videos and felt compelled to warn me that by letting people in on the "secret getaway" of Brazil I am also making the sex tourism industry more expensive.

My advice to him or anyone else who feels that way is this.  You need to step your game up!  Brazil is stepping up their's BIG TIME.  Lots of things here are getting more expensive (real estate for example).  Don't complain about the situation.

When people bring Problems to Me I Bring Solutions!

Bottom Line!!!

Peep the Convo Below...

women of brazil

I Guess He is Complaining About Stuff Like This, Honestly I See This As Commerce.  I'm Glad Lil Jon & Other Black Americans Are Stepping Up Their International Game.  We Can All Break Bread Together!  I'm Not Hatin!!!

Here is My Reply
salvador bahia
Maybe this guy is just scared of the competition, specially the way he was going in on all the "rapper type" Americans coming to Brazil and scooping up all the women, lol.

Oh well, like I said not my concern.  I'm about making LOTS of Money and spending it with My Beautiful Family!

Here's his response:

Feel Free To Comment.


  1. I will be blunt and conservative about this matter. Let us just equate that sex sells. But I'll be heading to Rio De Janeiro via flights to manila.

  2. Yo I agree, but I'm not knockin anyone for what they do as long as they aren't hurting anybody


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