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What's to come...


In the near future we will be posting more experiences of people who live in or visit Brazil with a focus on Bahia.  I also will be sharing my experiences here (the good & the bad) lol.  I have been through a lot the last four years with my wife and four young children.  Its been so crazy these last few years have gone by like a blur.

As I mentioned earlier I obtained permanent investor's visas for myself and my family a few years back.  I learned a lot of things the hard way and can offer assistance to anyone who is planning on relocating down here.  I have connections with lawyers, notary publics, interpreters, and pretty much anyone else associated with obtaining a permanent visa.

Also I have some good friends who can provide transportation, discounts on airfare, hotel, tour guides, and pretty much everything you will need to make your transition to life in Bahia run more smoothly.

If you are interested in finding out more email me.

Also check out our family youtube page:

We have video footage of different locations in Bahia.  You can get a pretty good feel for life down here by watching our vids.



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