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Trump Women of Brazil learn moor about bahia brasil

This piece contains two stories.  One is obviously about the potential investing in South America, in particular in Brasil.  The other shows how persaverance and believing in yourself can pay off big time.  Business in Brasil is booming and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Much like Brazilian girls, Brazilian property is steaming hot and has been for some time now.  Brasil has definitely become the hottest emerging property market in Latin America, having just received what during the boom came to be known as the emerging market seal-of-approval, investment by Donald Trump and the well known Trump Organization.

An example of this seal of approval is Panama, during the boom Panama’s construction boom was the hottest in Latin America, and the world, at which point Trump graced it with a Trump Tower, a massive multi-purpose (commercial, luxury-residential, hotel, condos, casino(s)) sky-scraper in Panama City, which we have all no-doubt heard about.

At the time resorts around the world saw construction start under the Trump Organization halo of ultimate luxury, real-prime property, but the latest investment in Brasil (the first, we believe since the bust) is different and even more of a testament to Trump’s belief in Brazil’s potential.

Most — if not all — of his previous investments have involved a franchise, whereby other parties buy the benefits of the Trump brand, while Trump’s part in the organization of building work, management of construction etc is minimal. But the investment in Brazil is the 50/50 (well, 50/25/25); a joint venture between the newly formed Trump Realty Brazil S/A which owns 50%, and Brazilian businessman Ricardo Bellino, who owns the other 50% along with his EGO Empreendimentos e Participação ™ partners, and he will be heading Trump Brazil organization.

“We have a promising future in taking our brand to Brazil”, said Donald Trump Jr., emphasizing that it could not be a better date and suitable moment to announce the new partnership (the partnership was announced on September 7th, Brazilian Independence Day).

“The Brazilian market excellence is well known worldwide. The development, the construction and the architecture are among the most advanced in the planet. Brazil is evoking international investors’ attention that intends to act in all Brazilian real estate areas. In the globalization era the long term foreign capital is really welcome, especially with Brazilian companies’ partnerships”, Yazbek declares.

trump learn moor about bahia brasil

 The fastest Multi Million deal world record was set by Donald Trump and Ricardo Bellino who, after a 3 minutes presentation, became business partners.

Donald J. Trump: "I mentioned in my book Think Like a Billionaire that Ricardo Bellino had exactly three minutes to give me his business presentation.
I was extremely busy that day and not particularly in the mood for a presentation, so I thought he might decline, which would free up my day a bit. 

 Not only did he not decline, he gave me such a great presentation within those three minutes that we became partners. It’s surprising what people can do with a deadline."

   The 'Original' Apprentice Story    The story of an unknown businessman from a faraway country who sells his idea to Donald Trump in just three minutes and becomes a partner of the legendary American billionaire is a business fairy tale come true.

   The young Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Bellino is the personification of this dream, which still captivates the imagination of millions in America and all over the world.

 "No matter if you are in the Olympics or in the business field you have to believe the unbelievable", Ricardo Bellino says. Belino has now sold his shares in Trump Realty Brazil and moved to Miami to pursue his next project.   

   It also shows that the "Brazilian Dream," or the hope of building your own path towards success despite economic, social, cultural and historical obstacles that may seem impassable, is not just a dream. It can be a real possibility if you are willing to believe and try. 

 Ricardo Bellino wrote recently: "Throughout my entire professional life, there have always been those I consider mentors. Donald Trump was one of those people. When I looked him up to sell him my idea about building a real estate venture in Brazil, I was given a true lesson in how to negotiate."
   Ricardo Bellino is an international entrepreneur who brought Elite Models and The Look of the Year, the most famous modeling contest in the world, to Brazil.

    Now Bellino is the founder and dealmaker behind Trump Realty Brazil, an enterprise born from the creation of the largest golf complex in Latin America, Villa Trump.

   The author of three business books focusing on the power of ideas and sales techniques, Bellino is the first commercial partner of the Trump Organization outside the United States.

Edited by Sharif Ali

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