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How to Retire On Less Money in Brazil

Rodney Beatin and his wife, (WOW, Rodney Beatin his wife, LOL did anyone else catch that?? LOL) a couple of 60-somethings, divide their time between Columbus, Ohio, a nd Brazil, spending six months a year in each place. One of the reasons for their move was to live in a place with a low cost of living that is easier on their retirement budget.
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"Living in the United States was becoming expensive for the value of what you get, for the quality of life. So, we began looking elsewhere and considering alternatives," says Beatin. "We found and bought a home in Brazil, near the shore, but we didn't want to move there full-time. We just weren't ready for that dramatic of a change. Mostly, we wanted to find a way to reduce our cost of living."
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The couple's expenses in the United States average about $2,235 per month. In Brazil, their costs drop to about $650 per month, including a home payment, food, utilities, and going out every Friday night for dinner and a show. "My wife and I are Americans and proud of that fact, but by living six months of the year in Brazil, our retirement money goes so much further than the six months we're back home in the States," says Beatin.

Beatin also enjoys Brazil's culture and friendly people. He says that his standard of living is actually higher in Brazil than in the U.S. "Frankly, we live like royalty during these six months," he says. – Compare 100's of international airfares on one web site.
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After spending 6 months in Brazil for the past 5 years, Beatin (Beatin, LOL) is considering making his part-time move permanent. "We think opportunities are better for us seniors in places like Brazil. And, the truth is, we've begun to think of our part-time place in Brazil as our second home," he says. "I would recommend to anyone facing retirement that they consider doing what we did: Look outside the United States, where life can be better, safer, and certainly cheaper."

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  1. I ma trying to loacte american retirees in Brazil especially in Bahia . Can anyone help me

  2. Well, if location or transformation is the issue then i think setting up offshore business is a good option for the earning ever. What you guys think..?


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