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This week we have received notice that to qualify for a Brazilian INVESTMENT VISA the minimum investment has been increased to the equivalent of R$ 200,000 because of the devalued US dollar if not
already submitted. (this minimum amount has been increased from R$150,000).

This means that the minimum investment at the current rate of exchange (US$ 1.00 = R$ 1.70 12/26/2010) is US$ 117,647.00. Will vary according to the rate of exchange at time of investment.

The same requirements for employment of Brazilian nationals (10 in a three year period).

Investments must be transferred by the Central bank to either a new or an existing company account in Brazil. The bank can supply this service once a bank account has been identified.

To qualify, the investment idea must be submitted as a PROJECT signed by an approved 'projetista' and be
approved by the Labor Ministry, and the money transferred to receive the visa.

Some conditions such as the required amount of employees or even the actual investment could possibly be modified if the project is extremely
beneficial to the community. Note that the objective of the government is to provide employment.

Note: Buying a property, for example a lot, an apartment, or house for personal use or 'on spec' or building a personal home does not qualify for this type of visa. In this case, you might apply and qualify for a RETIREMENT VISA if you are over 50 years of age.

Manual for the Foreign Investor in Brazil



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