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Why Expats Fail to Make a Go of a New Life Abroad

Escaping from the dull drudgery of our everyday lives is a dream increasingly shared by individuals from across the world.  It seems we all believe to some degree that the grass probably could be greener elsewhere!  New horizons beckon and suggest adventure and excitement, and so for many people the dream of moving abroad slowly but surely becomes a reality.
The chance to change our lives is a thrilling challenge, and the act of making a go of it abroad can lead to all sorts of new opportunities; however, for some people becoming an expatriate and an international citizen is not all it’s cracked up to be.
You definitely need a certain something to embrace the expatriate lifestyle in all its glory, but why do some people love living abroad whilst others return home with their tail between their legs?  Is it a case of integration issues or culture shock?  Is expat flu a reality rather than a myth, or are the problems that force expatriates to repatriate purely money orientated?
In this report we’re going to take a look at the most common reasons why expats fail to make a go of a new life abroad – so that you can protect against the same issues and mistakes.
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Money Does Make the World Go Round
With banks having collapsed and economies having shrunk, fiscal stress is affecting us all to a lesser or greater extent.  As a result many people long to escape abroad and find a more affordable way of life where they can just work a little to live a lot, rather than having to live every day of their lives to work just to meet the bills.  However, moving abroad is usually a relatively expensive undertaking, especially if you decide to ship elements of your old life with you!
Getting a home set up abroad, buying a car, shipping furniture and finding a good school to put your children through international education costs money.  Or for those who prefer to not even pack up before they ship out, the physical relocation alone from one nation to another costs a plane flight, a train ride or a car journey.  And this is just the start of money matters.
Financial failure is the number one reason why expatriates return home – fact.  Those who fail to effectively plan for their relocation, who do not take into account their new cost of living in relation to their earning power abroad, or who over extend themselves with a home purchase and a fantastic lifestyle are all at risk of falling foul of this fact.  Therefore, if you’re moving abroad you need to be on top of your finances before you even pick the nation you’re moving to.  Failure to get your finances in good order could well see you struggle or fail to fulfil the expatriate dream lifestyle abroad.
Learn to Adapt Don’t Seek to Change
Those who move abroad and expect everything to be the same as it was back home fail spectacularly – and I’m sure you’ll agree that’s no bad thing!  If the world was all the same what would be the point in travel and adventure!  Most of us move abroad to experience challenges and opportunities, for excitement and edification – but the reality of moving to a new culture and settling in can be quite a long way away from the dream of how easy it will be.
Even the most open minded expatriates will be challenged sometimes when they come into contact with strange local behavior, complex red tape or seemingly mindless bureaucracy.  But the secret to success at this point is adapt yourself, your own mind and your own expectations, don’t ever think you will be able to change those around you!
Another very common reason for expatriates repatriating is because they find the challenges of adapting to everyday life in their new country are just too much, too daunting and too hard.  Go with an open mind, remain patient and know that no, not everything does make sense in any nation in the world, but you can change your own mind and your own tolerances only, you can’t alter the psyche of a nation.
Language Can Be a Barrier to Effective Communication
Humans tend to need social interaction to thrive, we are generally a community-orientated animal that needs contact and stimulation through conversation and communication.  Expatriates who move abroad alone or perhaps as part of a couple only, can struggle if they cannot effectively communicate in the local tongue.  Whilst some may meet other expats or locals who speak English, some expatriates can find the language barrier to be an incredibly isolating experience.
Not everyone finds it easy or even possible to learn a foreign language well enough to communicate effectively – this can lead to isolation and this can lead to loneliness and a deep homesickness that will drive expatriates home.                           
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  1. Moving overseas to work has become a very popular option for many people. They chose to do it for many different reasons. Some enjoy the travel opportunities, others want the professional development, others go because of the limited job opportunities in their home country, and others want new cultural experiences.


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