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Is PayBox the Next PayPal or a Scam?

OK, calling it a scam may be a little far fetched.   While the program is free there are some things you should educate yourself about before doing business with them. They started their pre-launch September 1st and has been receiving a lot of promotion online. Of course people want to get on board early, after all who knows how big the pay-off could be for

Exactly What Is Pay Box?

PayBox is a website which offers you $50 to sign up, up to $20 per day and $5 for each referral. It appears that they are trying to develop a company similar to “Paypal” or “AlertPay”. They offer services such as currency exchange, person-to-person transactions, and payment processing. PayBox offers $20 a day.  PayPal actually started out the same way.  This is similar to many GPT or “Get Paid To” sites that asks you to log on and complete surveys, subscribe to newsletters and other tasks.

What’s The Problem With PayBox?

Although there are no explicit complications that may deter you from signing up with them, there are some things you should understand first. You probably thought the amount mentioned before for PayBox’s currency structure was in US dollars. Well, PayBox intends to compensate its members in what they call Pay Box currency. This PayBox currency, according to PayBox is “autonomous and independent of all nations and governments.”

Maybe You Have Heard Of Systems Like PayBox Before, So?

Yes, we have all had packages that offer credits or checks or units just about everything imaginable. PayBox’s plan involves making their currency exchangeable with other currencies. If you know anything about the forex markets believe me, that feat is not as easy as it sounds. There are clashes of interest with getting paid by the company controlling the value of the currency you are receiving. In addition, the PayBox currency may never become openly exchangeable.

Nonetheless, This Is Not Unmatched

This undoubtedly appears as if PayBox is embarking on a pointless endeavor, however the approach of generating a currency like PayBox is trying to do has succeeded before in the past. Microsoft has Microsoft dollars, and the video gaming console, Xbox also has its own electronic currency. The most well-known case is perhaps Disney, which created “Disney Dollars” way back in 1987. The dollars with cartoon characters used to get on rides at Disney World are an authentic currency with an exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.  I may be mistaken but I believe Dell has its own currency as well.  This seems to be the way to go within future business endeavors.

While being a part of the establishment of a new currency can possibly translate into considerable profits for you, there is some research that you have to do. According to the PayBox website you need to log in “frequently” or your PayBox account will be terminated for inactivity. You also need to participate in the online surveys. PayBox is still in pre-launch mode.

Despite These Potential Setbacks, Why Did I Join?

Even with no guarantee of making money I still joined Pay Box for several reasons. First, the price was right. PayBox is free to join. Also, the info Pay Box asks for is not to invasive or enough to cause any damage to my privacy and PayBox hasn’t spammed me. All considered I think PayBox is worth joining. It is possible for early subscribers to make a considerable amount of money.

Please share your opinion of PayBox and other programs like this, this article, or whatever is on your mind below in the comments section. I am always looking to expand on this article so all experiences are welcome and appreciated.

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