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How to Do Eco tourism in Brazil

Brazil has exciting culture and night life in the cities and distinct natural beauty in the rain forest and other rural areas. Eco tourism is especially important in Brazil for preserving threatened natural treasures like the Amazon Rain forest. If you're heading to Brazil, make sure your plans conform to eco tourism standards to ensure the future of this South American country. 


  1. Look for tourism operations that emphasize the preservation of nature. Visit places such as Intervales State Park, which has both a preserved section closed to tourists and an open section where tourists can hike.
  2. Utilize locally-operated tours. Local operators are able to generate revenue that benefits the community directly. Eco tourism that is successful encourages local communities to preserve the environment rather than exploit it in order to sustain their tourism industry.
  3. Verify that local tour operators are eco-friendly by making sure that they emphasize environmental education for visitors and emphasize preservation and observant enjoyment of nature.
  4. Beware of tour companies that try to attract large numbers of visitors or that don't follow park regulations or pay park fees. If visitors are allowed to remove anything from the park or walk off of the trails, the company is not preserving the natural environment.
  5. Distinguish between activities that enjoy the natural environment and those that exploit it. Canoeing is an eco-friendly activity as long as you refrain from littering and trampling vegetation, but a canoe race open to spectators damages the environment by allowing large crowds to gather along the banks.
  6. Refrain from purchasing souvenirs that are made from local species or eating meats from wild animals such as caiman, turtles and capybara. Using natural resources as exotic trinkets or foods is exploitative rather than eco-friendly.

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