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Here is an area I have some expertise in, having obtained a permanent investor's visa from the Brazilian Government a few years ago.  If you are planning on opening a company in Brazil or investing in a Brazilian company and gaining a permanent visa get in touch with me

I can help you avoid the pitfalls and save you a lot of time and heartache.  You can learn from my own mistakes, lol

How to Start a Business in Brazil

Boa vinda a Brasil!
Boa vinda a Brasil!
How to Start a Business in Brazil

When most people think of Brazil they see images of Carnival, or soccer or the Amazon. All of those are a part of what makes Brazil, but are a small fraction. Brazil is the largest country in South America in land mass and population, but does not share the same language as the rest of the content. It is rich and diverse in natural resources. The Brazilian people are like Americans in many ways and very different than others. This article will outline key steps to take in establishing your business in Brazil, as well as some of the key cultural factors to help you.
Difficulty: Challenging


Things You'll Need:

  • Existing relationships with a law firm that has a Brazilian affiliate or can help with one
  • Valid passport
  • Brazilian visa
  • Brazilian partners
  • Patience
  1. Central business district in Sao Paulo
    Central business district in Sao Paulo
    The business engine of Brazil is first Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro second. Sao Paulo is the second or third largest city in the world depending on the survey and Rio is in the top 10. The government is in Brasilia and there are other major cities, but these two giants dominate the country with nearly 25 to 30 percent of the population of the country are located in those cities. Traveling to Brazil will require you to obtain a Brazilian visa. Start with a tourist visa because it is quicker to obtain and you can change to a business visa in time. Tourist visas last a year and business visas last five years. Portuguese is the official language so a working knowledge of business greetings is very useful and will be appreciated. Business and legal leaders will nearly universally be fluent in English, but they will appreciate your effort at their language.
  2. Rio de Janiero from the mountains
    Rio de Janiero from the mountains
    You will need your law firm to secure an introduction to a Brazilian law firm to get the process started. Brazilian corporations are designated with an Ltda which corresponds to the American Inc. or British Ltd and it stands for Limitada. The process your Brazilian law firm will go through is very similar to the process of your law firm. They will likely work closely together to get the legal paperwork completed. Having Brazilians as partners or a joint venture with a Brazilian company will help the speed the process. This is the formal process of starting a business, but that is only part of the overall process.
  3. Map of Brazil
    Map of Brazil
    Brazilians like Americans and see a lot of commonalities with them, but they frequently do not like American government officials. They are helpful generous and will help you make the rounds. The more you grow to enjoy their country the more enthusiastic they will be in helping you discover it. They are also very helpful and patient if you attempt, and you should, Portuguese. Never speak in Spanish to Brazilians as it is a grave insult.
  4. Starting a business in Brazil is not a fast process and patience is needed. Brazilians are entrepreneurial and have all of the infrastructure that is enjoyed in America, but they also want to know and trust the people with whom they are doing business. Raising venture money in Brazil is also a time consuming process and they will want to have the money used for a Brazilian-based company.
  5. Information systems and computers will need to be bought locally. Customs officials will take note of laptops or other technology brought into the Brazil and will seek assurances that all items will be take out of the country with you and not resold.
  6. Brazil is a fascinating country full of opportunities to be developed. The most effective way to accomplish is through a Brazilian law firm, Brazilian partners and patience.

Tips & Warnings

  • * Nearly any path to a new business in Brazil will go through Sao Paulo to start or if not Sao Paulo then Rio de Janeiro.
  • * Brazilian partners are important, or if not partners then local managers.
  • * Learning some functional Portuguese is an important gesture.
  • * You will need to have patience in all factors of the process
  • * Never speak Spanish to Brazilians
  • * Always assure customs officials that you will be taking computers or other technology out of the country when you leave.
  • * The food and drink of Brazil is wonderful and exotic, but too much will add to your waistline and a rapid pace.
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