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Why Brazil?

Opportunities and Growth Potential in Brazil
When it comes to investing in real estate in Brazil, there are still many beachfront properties ready to be developed for the growing number of visitors from around the world who are enchanted by Ceará’s coastline.
In the last five years, property values have doubled because due to foreign investments, but the forecast of the growth to come is still good for investors.

Fortaleza is the No. 1 location for Brazilian tourists, and the number of U.S. and European visitors is increasing, evidenced by the growing number of international and charter flights and numerous international companies seeking to introduce regular direct flights to Fortaleza.

Infrastructure and Politics

The credibility of the state government is recognized by national and international institutions, which has allowed Ceará to receive credit for investments in infrastructure such as an international airport, which links Ceará with Europe and the U.S., as well as a port, which allows for import and export of merchandise to and from large ports around the world.

A well-maintained road network linking the inlands and beaches supports the current growth, with potential for environmentally conscious investments, such as renewable energy (e.g., biodiesel, wind power, and tide power).

Water supply is assured by means of a system that interconnects the state’s watersheds. Internet services can be found in even the more remote places, allowing for constant communication.

Cost of Living

In Fortaleza, medical care is available at costs well below U.S. and Europe.
Lawyers, architects, and engineers are accessible and affordable to assist with development. The local universities provide a large number of professionals.

The work force is also affordable. You can have a full-time housekeeper at your home for less than $300 per month.

There are dozens of reasons why Ceará is the chosen vacation destination for Brazilians. Currently, Fortaleza and its neighboring beaches are receiving the most attention due to the low cost of properties and the potential return on investments.

Growth of Foreign Investment

According to a national survey, of every 10 properties sold, three of them are being purchased by foreigners. That means that, at this very moment, 30% of the property, especially beachfront property, is in the eyes—or hands—of overseas investors.

This growing demand is evidenced just by looking at the large number of enterprises currently under construction.

The real estate market is just beginning to boom, and the options for potential investments are numerous: apartments, residential services, hotels, lofts, lands, and condos.

Either for living or for making a living, the northeast coast of Brazil is growing fast.

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